Clear up your handle bar!


Plug n´Play + All-in-One + Intuitive

bike light

Find your way home in the darkest hours


Find every place every time


Be fast and know it


You want to bike the world and need to find the right way? Try LumiNav!
One device for all your needs!

As a tourist I want to reach the sight-seeings directly and safe. But I don´t want to waste time planning my route so that I can just start in the morning. Moreover, my expensive smartphone shouldn´t fall down and be exposed to extreme weather. Also my bike gets ugly and heavy with all these different devices just showing one single information. That is why LumiNav is designed as an all-in-one device. Plug n´ play, get up, get started! Bike the world with LumiNav!

  • bike light
  • Navigation
  • Speedometer

We are LumiNav!

Interdisciplinary team of engineering and business students of the Technical University of Munich
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Manuel Pfneißl

Business Development & Marketing
M.Sc. Management & Technology (TUM)
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Thomas Martin

Business Development & Strategy
M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering (TUM)
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Ute Schiehlen

Usability & iOS Programming
M.Sc. Computer Science (TUM)
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John Bertram

Technical Design & Prototyping
M.Sc. Power Engineering (TUM)
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Tobias Eckl

Programming & Hardware
M.Sc. Electrical Engineering (TUM)
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Jonas Scharpf

Microcontroller Development & Circuit Design
M.Sc. Electrical Engineering (TUM)
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We are hiring!

Engineering or business student

The LumiNav

All-in-One + Plug n´Play + Intuitive

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